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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Off To Tenerife

I was off again after just getting back from the USA. The boyfriend and I went to Tenerife with his mum and her partner. 

We stayed in a two bedroom apartment which was pretty big and had a wrap around balcony which was nice to relax on. 

And the apartment was in a hotel complex on the more arid and volcanic side of the island. 

The beach was really rocky but the pool was lovely and warm so we stayed at the complex a lot of time. There weren't loads of shops in a walkable distance but the hotel complex had a little supermarket so I could buy my obligatory inflatable rubber ring for the pool. 

Every time I go on a hot holiday I buy an inflatable something and then my good deed at the end of the holiday is to give it away to other people to use. 

I think normally the entertainment at hotels in foreign countries is usually a little... dodgy? Cringy? But I didn't think it was so bad, most of the acts had been booked in from outside the hotel. 

Also I trounced the old people twice in contests and won a bottle of wine and a cocktail. Hurrah!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Two For Tea

My dear pal Crissy is visiting from Australia to get married and have a catch up with everyone so we met up the other day, look what she brought me... chicken flavoured salt... how clement. 

As you know I love afternoon tea and we took a little trip out to Biddy's Tea Room in Norwich. 

It was really sweet in there, I loved the d├ęcor. 

Foolishly, they seated us next to the cakes. We were tempted to pick berries off of the cakes secretly but we resisted. 

I got a lavender scone with lemond curd and stilton and apple sandwiches which were so good but Crissy opted for a cheese scone and smoked salmon sandwiches. 

They were so goooooood. And it only cost £18.95 for both of us, bargain!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Last day - New York

So I flew back from New York and that meant a long old drive back to JFK to park up, not long because of distance but long because of the insane traffic. It was just gridlock almost the entire way. It was Kim's birthday too so to say sorry for making her drive to JFK and back and to wish her a happy birthday we went to a spa in New York called Aire Baths. It was all fancyyy. We walked in and got special wristbands that unlocked out lockers where we had a robe and slippers and a towel. There was this attendant there that was hovering over us trying to be helpful (which she was) but it was like having a servant, she even insisted that she squeeze out our swimsuits after and put them in little ziplock bags for us. 

I had to steal this photo of the baths cuz I didn't take my phone in there. There were all different pools, a tepid one, a hot one, two freezing cold ones, a jacuzzi one and a salt water one where you floated. There was also showers and a really big steam room, a warmed marble seating area and curtained areas for massages, candles were absolutely everywhere. We each had a massage, mine was really good and relaxing.

You got two hours in the spa which was just the right time and then we got out and got showered and dressed. All the showers had shampoo and conditioner etc and there were mirrored areas with make up wipes and hair dryers and straighteners. There were even hair brushes you could borrow (um... no.. ) and a simsuit drainer machine with purple ziplock bags. 

So that was really cool, we both left smelling gorgeous and we walked a little way to the Crosby Bar where we had booked afternoon tea. I hadn't realised other countries never did afternoon tea, the whole bar was English themed. 

They had lovely Wedgwood china, Kim got flowering tea and I got Earl Grey. 

And we had nice pink tiered plates. It was a lot less formal than afternoon tea at the Goring in London. 

But it was still fancy, even the bathrooms looked fancy. Sorry America... rest rooms... they even had a little chair should you wish to rest (ugh... why do they call it this?). 

Then we decided to go to ground zero and see the 9/11 monument... which wasn't really that interesting. If you wanted to read any information or do anything other than look at the fountain you had to pay to go in the museum. There weren't even many places to sit there so we were only there 5 minutes.  

Then I had a lovely long delay on the plane for 4 hours before an overnight flight with a screaming baby... oh joy. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Back in Connecticut

So after the state fair it was back to CT for a day or two so. Random thing that's weird about America point one - in Connecticut they call off licences 'package stores'. 

Look what came as a side to my breakfast omelette at IHOP one morning; pancakes. As a side. I could not finish them as much as I wanted to. 

Random thing that's weird about America point two - all toilet seats have a chunk missing... and no one seemed to know why... mysterious. And yes I made you this photo montage of toilets, isn't it lovely?

Not surprisingly I am no better at mini golf across the pond then I am here. Boo. 

It was Kim's birthday, I co-made this funfetti cake, isn't it beeeeaaautiful?

Random thing that's weird about America point two - Americans are weird about religion... This was on TV when I switched it on in the New York Hotel whilst I got ready. It was a man promising that god would forgive people's sins if they paid him $1,000. No mention of where the money went or what it was used for. So weird. 

I found this on a table in a coffee shop. 

This came through Kim's mailbox. 

And this was in the mall.

Isn't that just so intrusive? Like... I don't want to join your religion, stop bugging me. It's so in your face. 

Sunday, 31 August 2014

New York State Fair

On the drive back to Connecticut we dropped in on the New York State Fair which was near Syracuse, it started off pretty cloudy but ended up hot. The state fair was a little bit like the Norfolk Fair (for those of you from East Anglia) if it was bigger and run by cowboys.

There were lots of agricultural things like livestock and shows and displays.  

Including butter sculptures? For some unknown reason. 
Nahhow.... How does I say thais... Summer thaim folks wurr a lidl reyad neyck. And iffin I pleeased I cudda done gots me mai vurra own cunfederrat flayag bearin hayat! Ahem... So yeah... That was a thing. There were lots of cowboy hat wearing people shall we say. 

I decided I'd try some of the Fair food, there was SO MUCH FOOD. This is Hawaiian shaved ice which I had never even heard of, it was so tasty! They literally shaved ice off a block and moulded it into a little tower then you could pick syrup flavours which they poured on. It was delicious.

I liked going into the animal barns, they had signs up everywhere saying don't touch in case they bite but they were so cute you could help but pet the ones that came up to you. 

Some of the animals were a little unusual...

They had cloudy lemonade slushies, they also had wine slushies and cider and beer. I really wanted a wine slushy but it was just so hot I already had one of those headaches you can get in the sun so I avoided it.

This is a funnel cake I tried, it was tasty, it's like a mess of fried dough that you can get coated in icing sugar or cinnamon.

Look how cute!

The funniest thing I thought was the pig races, they all had been given names like Jennifer Lopig and Lindsay Loham. The audience had to call out 'sooie' and the pigs dashed out into their starting pens. They were so sweet and I thought it was funny to watch them race to be the first to get to eat an oreo biscuit. But on one race the pigs were so excited to be first back that it was the last pig that got the prize, the others ran straight past it.

Then it was time for some State Fair mac'n'cheese (don't you just hate how so many Americanisms look like they were written by dyslexic people then not spellchecked? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with dyslexics, only putting them in charge of writing signs).

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Toronto - Wonderland & Medieval Times

Our second full day in Toronto was not exactly very classy or cultured. We spent the day at Canada's Wonderland - a big theme park which was really great. One ride closed temporarily because it hit a Canadian goose (yes, really!). 

And then we raced through traffic to Medieval Times, a medieval themed jousting restaurant (yes, really!!). 

You go in and get assigned to a knight, we got the blue knight and matching blue cardboard crowns (stylish). Then we went into the jousting arena and got introduced to our 'serving wench', our napkins had the menu on. I wimped out and got the vegetarian option because i don't want to eat meat off the bone! You guys... I don't want to touch a bone with my mouth. Ew. 

All the plates and tankards were ye olde style and there was no cutlery. 

There was all sorts of horse tricks and fancy footwork and galloping about 

And of course jousting, and our knight was doing really good. We were sat next to someone who apparently goes all the time because his friends work there and they get him in for next to nothing. He said it wasn't fixed but there are certain knights that are better than others and they mix up the colours they are; it was very theatrical. He said the horses were really pampered and afterwards on the way out there was a little window you could see into the horses stables which I think is good to know they're treated well. 

In the end the yellow knight and the blue knight (sworn enemies!!!) were locked in a sword fight which was very cheesy and choreographed but it was very funny and the family sitting to one side of us had their little girl crowned princess which she was thrilled about. Cheesy as the entire night was, it was really entertaining and I suppose that's all the counts isn't it? 

Road Trip - Back to Syracuse

On the drive back to Syracuse where we stayed we stopped off at the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara to break up the journey. 

I don't know how to say this without sounding obvious but there were butterflies EVERYWHERE. Huge ones, weeny ones, ones that landed on you, ones that just ate the entire time. They were everywhere. You had to check where you walked so you didn't step on any that had flown to the ground for a rest. 

They seemed to like the people with hats best but I wore a shirt with butterflies on it (in an attempt to confuse the butterflies) and they landed on it! So exciting. 

Then we went to a sports bar before we rested up, you could tell they meant business because they had entire rolls of paper towels on the table as well as napkins. Needless to say I couldn't finish my meal but it was insanely cheap.