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Friday, 19 December 2014

Taking Barclay To The Cattery :(

I'm going away over Christmas and can't take my beloved cat with me, which meant packing him up in the little cat carrier, which he was not amused with...

And taking him to the cat brig... aww poor little Barclay, but in fairness the cattery was absolutely lovely, ran by a really friendly family of animal lovers and in his little pen he has a litter tray, a little ladder leading up to a comfy sleeping box where I put his fleecey blanket he likes to sleep on and inside is a little heater that he'll have on over night. When they're cleaning it he can go in and outdoor pen to explore and they bought in all his favourite food brands and treats. So I know he'll be well looked after. 

But I do feel bad to be without him, poor old boy. The lovely Sarah (my friend from uni) dropped him off with me and after that we went to Blicking Hall which was near by where her sister got married (um, nice!!). 

And we had a nice little coffee/cake combo. 

And then we went on a muddy but pleasant walk/gossip where about 5 minutes after taking this photo I got electrocuted by the effing fence!! Not cool. 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Not Fun

I've been at placement and working and writing my dissertation lately - it's not been fun and I'm looking forward to some time off at Christmas. But I'm just past 9,000 words of my dissertation and it should be 10,000 long so that's good news. 

Barclay has been a loyal companion throughout. In other news our bathroom drain is a bit blocked, 'slow drain' I think it's called. My housemate tried caustic soda to no avail. I tried a whole tube of veet because I suspect that with three long haired girls living in the house it might just be our hair!

But still no result, still have a slow drain. Oh well. I'm looking forward to being away over the Christmas holidays, we're going to Paris. One week to go!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Live & Kicking

Settle down everyone, settle down, I thought I'd tell you a little story as I'm on placement at the moment and haven't been out in forever! It was 1999 and I was 11 and super excited because my dad's work friend's mum (stay with me here) was the producer of Live N Kicking (if you aren't English, this was a kids tv show that was on in the morning on the weekend in the 90s) and I got to take 1 friend - ohemgee how exciting! 

Only kidding, they didn't say oh em gee back in the olden days. Fierce were the band playing... 

I hope you guys realise how cool I am. Anyways so Rachel my beloved childhood BFF and I got all dressed up (cue disgusting 90s clothes) and went to the BBC studios and my dad waved us off after our bags got checked by security (so official!!). We were herded into a little room and given a goody bag and told where to leave our stuff. And basically we got moved round the studio to cheer. Culminating in the best event of the day - Rachel getting hit in the back accidentally by Mr Blobby! A real celebrity! Ahem. True story. If you non-English people don't know who Mr Blobby is, this is he. 

Very exciting, I think you'll all agree, just have to excuse myself to listen to the Mr Blobby song... Anyways at one point I was sitting in the audience for the interview for one of the guests of the day, Jennifer Saunders, whilst Rachel went to watch some football mini game they had. I think even then we weren't excited about Jennifer Saunders... What kid watched French and Saunders? But look!! There's a video of the interview on YouTube I found!! Aaahhhh!!! And I'm there!! Fast forward to the interview and the camera pans onto the audience up and along the stairs, I'm second up and on the left - the one that continually plays with her hair. And if you needed further convincing when everyone else is clapping I'm waving madly at the camera... I guess that's why they missed my close up... Rude. 

If you guys want autographs you'd better line up. 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

My 26th

I realised I never mentioned it was my birthday last week. It was a pretty quiet day because it was the first day of placement (boo) so I spent my day there then at home... so that was deeply thrilling. I don't really feel older because on the run up to my birthday I kept telling people I was 26 before I even was, this has been going on for at least 2 months... I think I have early onset dementia. 

Anyways, before my actual birthday I met up with a couple girls from my cohort and we went for afternoon tea (I know, I know, it's an obsession), we went to the Georgian House Hotel on St Giles in Norwich. 

It was really nice there actually, surprisingly nice. Afternoon tea cost £13.50 and you got unlimited hot drinks, four sandwiches, one cheese scone, one fruit scone (by the way, if you pronounce 'scone' as scohhhwwne instead of scon then you're pretentious AND lame!), one mini victoria sponge cake, a flapjack, a mini lemon meringue AND a super rich chocolate truffle thing.  

That is a lot for £13.50 and the staff we were so so attentive, they were really friendly. Also they wrapped up left overs for our sick friend like a swan... awww... you guys. 

So yeah that was nice and happy birthday to me, one step closer to death... I mean my thirties. Ho hum. 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Walking Out

I had a bit of a walking day today, I walked over ten miles all in all. 

There's a chunk of Marriott's Way near to my student house so I thought I'd have a little investigate and walked to Drayton as I had the afternoon off from Uni. 

It was so nice, it wasn't that busy and all along it were little pieces of art or carvings. 

It was so pretty with all the leaves everywhere and really bright out today. 

As I got to Drayton and decided to turn round the sun started to set. 

Which was really pretty, and all the wildlife started to come out. 

I even saw a deer! I counted 16 different animals I saw. 

So that was nice but then it was reallllyyyyy darrrrrkkkk but I only had a little way to go so it was ok. 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Fireworks in the City

It was a clear night for fire works for a change! They were held for free in the city from the Castle so a group of friends and I went to go watch them. 

The area in front of City Hall was packed! We got drinks and hot dogs and then it was go time. 

The music choice was a little odd... very Pitbull heavy... 

It lasted about 15/20 minutes and then it was off on a bizarre pub crawl where we didn't go into any of the pubs, the city was so busy the pubs were rammed full of people 3 deep at the bar so I remembered a random little pub round the corner and off we went for a chat and a white wine spritzer. Fun!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

He's So Fancy, You Already Know

So I'm a crazy cat lady, and recently Mr Barclay and I have moved house... near a main road... so unfortunately Mr pussycat can't go out for now. 

Aww look he has a heart in his fur! Anyway... so I've bought him a few things lately to keep him amused. First off cat grass, this is really good, I got it at pets at home and you just add water (although you can buy the seeds alone if you're less lazy than I am - let's face it, you probably are). Only cost about £2! Bargain. And it's been a couple of days and the shoots are coming through. 

Secondly I bought him cat-nip bubbles which he really likes, at first they confused him but then he realised he could lick the bubble wand and have a short drug induced roll around on the carpet. 

Next up, feathers on a stick, the classic. He like's this if he's having a mad five minutes before bed time. 

I got him a cat harness too for him to explore the garden which went great until he figured out how to escape it! I'll be putting it on extra tight next time for little Houdini. 

But his favourite activity is watching outside the back garden window... 

For his enemies... squirrels, other cats, birds, bats. You name it, he hates it. 

Look at his new bow tie argyle collar, how sweet. And that's the kitty update for the new house. 

Friday, 31 October 2014

Pumpkin Attempt 2014

I like to try and carve a pumpkin every year for Halloween so trick or treaters know they can come to my house for sweets. 

I usually go for a face but I thought this year I'd up the stakes and so I googled a template. 

Drew it on in gel pen and then set about gutting out the pumpkin. 

Barclay the cat wasn't loving the smell.

Then I set to work carving with a smaller knife. You know I should really get one of those kits with the special tools in... never mind,

Cat pumpkin is now in pride of place with a candle in to welcome children to my house (sounds sinister doesn't it!?). 

Also, on another note, I got carried away with the Christmas things in Marks and Spencer and so I bought a pack of dried mulled wine berries and cinnamon and stuff. Only I don't like red wine so I've put it in apple juice to make hot spiced apple. Yum! Hurrah for Autumn!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Red Herring

Have you guys played Red Herring? It's an app on iPhone (free!) and it's a kind of puzzle type game. 

You choose a difficulty level and then you have to sort the words it gives you into categories. 

But some of the words can be put into different categories - the red herrings! 

I like to do the puzzles when I'm on the bus and when you complete all of them (there's a lot!) you can buy more or you can do the free puzzle that gets delivered every day. 

The only problem with this app is that it's American, so some celebrities or brand names I didn't know. 

Other than that it's a great boredom buster. Go download it, I promise you'll be hooked (pun intended). 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Scaresville 2014

It's Halloween soon... and for my annual Halloween activity some nursing friends and I went to Scaresville, driven by the very capable Jo. You might remember I went last year with my lovely chum Kiran and her work mates. 

The unfair ground was smaller than last year but we all got dinner there (mm hot dogs), measured our heights (haha, Nancy's a hobbit) and waited for our ticket numbers to be called. 

And then we entered the queue to go to the stables, where there was a video before entering... the scare zone (it was really called that!). 

The horror trail took us an hour and a half to get through, winding through out buildings, a hedge maze, woodland, farm fields, over bridges and into tents - all in darkness! I laughed so hard. 

Here's what my camera could see... (nothing basically). The tickets were just over £20 but it was really worth it, it felt like it took a really long time with all sorts of scares from clowns to people with chain saws, masks, hazmat suits... you name it. I did notice there were less scarers than last year but I think the scarers are volunteers so I suppose that can't be helped and it probably varies night to night. 

And then like last year you escaped the scare zone into the bar, sadly it was without the screen so you could watch other people getting scared but luckily it was still serving hot spiced apple so I forgave them.