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Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Melting Pot

I thought this post deserved to be separate, this is where we ate in boston - The Melting Pot. It's a fondue restaurant and each table has a hot plate on it per two people.

And the waiter brings ingredients to your table and makes the fondue in front of you. 

And you get things to dip like veggies and bread. 

Next they brought us like this stock and you had things like prawn and chicken and potatoes and you added them in then took them out to eat a few minutes later. 

Here's some of the stuff we had to cook.

Lastly the chocolate fondue... I was so full but I powered through just for this.

Milk chocolate and peanut butter fondue... Then I had to be rolled down the street back to our hotel. Yum. 

Boston - Day One

So we took a greyhound coach to Boston (Bwoarston!), which was surprisingly comfy and had free wifi (score).

You guys, the USA has prettier motorways than we do, they're so scenic. And so far during my stay I've seen loads of deer and 3 groundhogs. FYI groundhogs look so cute. 

Then we checked in our hotel, and got out to see the city. 

We went and got lunch at Cheers, one of the replica Cheers bars which was busy but very nice. 

Nom nom nom.

Then we looked round Quincy Market and I got a Christmas decoration shaped like a lobster and some Boston Red Sox red socks. 

There were loads of street performers there, apparently you have to audition before you're allowed to perform. 

After we mooched round, my dear friend Kim and I went for a Duck Boat tour which was surprisingly really good.

It went round the city and then into the water and round the harbour (haahbaa). This is the US Constitution, looks a bit piratey doesn't it? Apparently it's still in active naval service but like... Come on... It's obviously not is it. Who'd send that to war? 

Anyways more later about my trip to Boston. 

Out And About in Connecticut

So I've been visiting my friend Kim who lives in Connecticut and before Boston (more on that later) we spent some time around CT. It's pretty here, look at the university Kim went to... makes my university look like a bag of crap... concrete crap.
I've enjoyed doing more mundane tasks like grocery shopping, taking time to examine all the weird things I find, do you know they don't sell squash? Just this nasty stuff you squirt in the water (don't even bother trying it, it's so gross). I found a bottle of Ribena in the foreign food section. For real, next to chocolate digestives that WEREN'T McVities. Disgusting.

We went bowling, where they DON'T take your shoes... is this because Americans, unlike the English don't want to steal bowling alley shoes? Who knows.
And we won Spongebob themed temporary tattoos at the arcade.
I went to the mall one day whilst Kim was at work. You guys, the mall is full of old people that meet up, not to go shopping, but to power walk round the mall. Seriously, they didn't go into any shops, they just were walking round the mall in twos and threes. Despite being surrounded by beautiful countryside. It's weird.

Coming up... my trip to Boston.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

New York

So after a crappy flight the day before my travelling chum Kimberly and I took the subway from the ghetto into New York, here's a photo of a rat we saw.
We had tickets for the Top of the Rock observation deck so that was good, the view was good that day.

Then we walked over to times square and had a mooch round the shops there.

Then it was off to see Cinderella on Broadway.
The costume changes were so good, I was really impressed.

It was baking outside but the air conditioning made it frrrreeeezing. Before we drove back to Connecticut we went to Ninja, a restaurant. It was pretty dark and all the waiters were dressed as ninjas and kept jumping out at everyone, the place was full of screams every now and then.

Everyone had their own private alcove to sit in and we got some drinks, the menus were scrolls (that the waiter jumped to our table with and unfurled them in one move making us jump again!).

All the dishes with a ninja death star next to them came with a performance, we saw our neighbours get dishes that were on fire and all sorts.

As the place was pretty gimmicky I figured the food probably wouldn't be amazing but it was actually really great (and such huge portions!).

Between our main course and dessert a magician came to our table and started doing different magic tricks (which again were very good), although he did think I was Australian (surely not guys?!).

And then we shared a dessert because the main course was so huge and it came complete with dry ice. Very cool... you know, if you're immature like me. I thought it was expensive for a meal out but for all the performance and atmosphere you got with it I think it was very reasonable.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Gatwick - JFK

You guys... My flight sucked, firstly I was super early to the airport and had loads of time to kill, and then whilst I was charging my phone I got accosted by some random man that looked like crocodile Dundee and then preceded to tell me his life story, literally down to his family tree. I then made my excuses to leave after I'd charged enough where upon he shook my hand and said his name was Rob and that it was lucky he'd got back to England at all as he'd had pneumonia for the last three weeks... Several liberal dousings of hand gel later I decided to wait at the gate. 

I boarded the plane which was fully booked, not only did I have a screaming child in front of me... Check... His mother who hand her seat continually tilted back so I could see the tv (until I accidentally in purpose kicked bumped and pulled on her chair and this was rectified), check... Not only that but two randoms sat next to me who then went on to what I could only describe as a plane one sided romance. 

I had the window seat, in the aisle seat was an American in her mid twenties flying back home and inbetween us we had Mr sanctimonious twat. A posh wannabe hipster who bored Miss America to death with his overbearing musical taste of what's "decent these days". Oh what a bell end. As I gathered from over hearing his pathetic attempts to woo poor Miss America he was going to study for a year in "Philly" only he knows that's such a "preppy school" and "um yar, that's totally not what I'm about, harhar"... Ok... Douchebag. 

Then I watched the book thief which was actually very good... And then the meals. You guys I'm one of those people that love aeroplane food, I love the little tart with compartments and everything fits in it's little area... Not this time. It sucked so much, firstly the crappy air hostesses stood Miss America, Mr sanctimonious twat and my row of seats and discussed at length if they had enough meals for us. Then we had no choice and all got chicken with rice which was worse than hospital food... I know because I work at hospital. If they NHS can afford decent food then why can't an airline I'm paying bloody loads to? Although Mr sanctimonious twat obviously enjoyed it as he are both his meal and Miss America's as both her and I declared it inedible. 

When we landed it was 7.35pm. 

When we got off the plane finally it was 8.30pm.. 

And after immigration it was 9.45, worst flight ever!!!! 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Off to Gatwick

So today's the day I fly to the USA, as you can see I've arranged my suitcase thus so - one half clothes, one half souvenirs. 

Last night I had a bon voyage feast courtesy of a Marks and Spencer voucher from my mum. 

And a nice breakfast this morning... 

And then I was off from Norwich to London on the Megabus, which by the way was only £5.50 return - bargain! 

Got my travel reading.

Then I had a little snooze on my inflatable travel neck pillow and before I knew it I was in London. 

The Megabus stops at Victoria where the Gatwick Express goes from (convenient!). 

So here I am at Gatwick early. 

I've had an early lunch and now I'll mooch around for two hours until flight time... Write more soon! 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Moving The Boyfriend's Mum

We moved out the boyfriend's mum last weekend to her new flat. That means I got to sit in the van! Hurrah! I felt tall and important. 

It was a hot day, I wore shorts, the boyfriend's mum and her boyfriend wore shorts, the boyfriend's sister wore shorts, the boyfriend wore... thick jogging bottoms... foolish. 

The boyfriend's mum has moved into a lot nicer area, the area she was in was a bit... well... we had an audience moving. Just look at them. They watched the entire move, I'm not even joking. 

I was the van unloader on the unpacking, I ran a tight ship and was very bossy. I think everyone wanted to stomp on my face afterwards but it was done in no time. Guess my family call me the slave driver for a reason, huh? 

After comparing who was the most sweaty and disgusting we all got cool drinks and lunch.